Ward Homes (Barratt Homes South East)


  • Protected Species Survey – bats and reptiles
  • EPSML and Mitigation for bats
  • Reptile Mitigation Strategy and Translocation
  • Ecological Clerk of Works

Key Issues
JFA Environmental Planning completed a Phase 1 Habitat and protected species surveys on the site.
Following reptile presence/absence surveys and a population assessment a mitigation strategy was issued by JFA. Mitigation for reptiles include a translocation exercise for slow worms, grass snakes and common lizards.
A European Protected Species Mitigation Licence was required due to the presence of a brown long eared maternity roost in one of the buildings to be demolished.
Works were timed to avoid sensitive periods for the bats roosting on this site. Mitigation involved hand removal of tiles supervised by a licenced bat ecologist and provision of alternative roosting spaces in garages including a maternity roosting space in a triple garage onsite. Bat boxes were installed throughout the site.

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