June 2016












Scientific Research Brings New Hope for Ash Trees

Betty to the Rescue!

Why Betty? It turns out that scientists have discovered a tree which is particularly resistant to ash die back and named that tree “Betty”. Read more here

Is your Planning Officer Up to Speed with Ecological Case Law

We have noticed that a number of LPAs are not up to date with EPS law. The 2009 case of Woolley versus Cheshire East District Council created onerous requirements for applicants where species such as bats were found to be present. Case law has evolved since then to relax such requirements. Read more about this here.









Brexit Impacts – Regulations Updates 

As the UK has now voted to leave the European Union, it is relevant to consider the effect of legislation that derives directly from EU directives, such as the Habitats and the Environmental Impact Regulations. Read more about this here.

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