January 2016

That Sinking Feeling…

The recent heavy rain could leave some developers with that sinking feeling. With the latest engineering and creative designs in Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), developers could see themselves floating above the rest. See more on our website.

Plan Ahead to Get Ahead

Planning ahead is your strongest ally in overcoming the ecological constraints of a development. Contact us if you have concerns regarding the survey requirement of your project. Read More.

Natural England to Reduce the Burden

Natural England will propose new policies aiming to reduce burdens on developers and provide better outcomes for European protected species. A public consultation is to be launched, read more here.


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February onwards is good for badger sett surveys – from late Spring badgers are active marking their territory. See our survey calendar here.


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eDNA Surveys Could Save Developers Money

eDNA surveys to confirm presence / likely absence of great crested newts are more likely to result in cost savings when used for post development monitoring.  The extent to which this will apply will vary. Click here to read the full article.


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Project Update – Bridge Nurseries, Maidstone, Kent

Construction is well under way  following successful Ecological Enhancements of biodiversity on site. The landscape scheme for the open space and residential area will follow shortly. Read More.