February 2016

Natural England Withdraw Funding

Local Biodiversity Records Centres (LBRC) are reeling in shock this week, Natural England (NE) have withdrawn their support for LBRC services ‘in favour of open source information’. How will this affect you? Read our on-line article to find out more.


Love is in the Air

Native birds are beginning to think about building their nests in preparation for the breeding season, typically March to July inclusive. This is why the best time to carry out work to trees and shrubs is winter, this also coincides with the trees dormant period. Click here to read the full article.

Changes to the Bat Guidelines

New Bat Survey Guidelines just released include significant increases to the level of bat survey to support a planning application. To save you the trouble of reading the extensive document, we have extracted the information we think you need to know. Click here to find out more.

Ecology and Arboriculture CPD

JFA Provide CPD Training to a Variety of Clients

JFA provide CPD training from time to time to a variety of our clients. If you are interested in the practice coming to speak to you, why don’t you have a look at this extract on our website.


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How to Maximise Your BREAM Eco Points

Click here to read more.

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Project Updates

– JFA undertake Landscape Visual Assessments at South East sites.

– JFA are working on dormice, GCN and bat licences.

– Cams Mill, Fareham, Winter Bird Surveys continue to show increase in notable bird use.

– Breeding bird surveys starting soon, are you ready?

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